Fort York Food Bank. Annual Open House. 21 November 2018.

Why I Give

Ann Armstrong
Director of Social Enterprise Initiative
University of Toronto Rotman School of Management

FYFB chatted with regular donor Ann Armstrong, director of Social Enterprise Initiative at U of T's Rotman School of Management, about her involvement with FYFB and what gets her all fired up, as a donor, of course.

How long have you been involved with FYFB?

It's more than a year now. I knew about FYFB from Ravi's (FYFB's president and founder) time as a student at Rotman but I didn't really get involved until the last year and I'm so glad I did.

I thought I knew what to expect from a 'food bank' and from the moment I first walked into FYFB, I was blown away by the community kitchen and the welcoming atmosphere but mostly the sense of community. I hadn't anticipated that and I was really impressed.

What inspires you to give and give monthly?

Any organization that can connect with the community inspires me. FYFB does that. It understands the community and deals with the problems in a pragmatic way that's very much grounded in the community and its needs. Just as FYFB's clients know they can count on FYFB to be there to support them, I know FYFB needs to know that I'm there to support it every month. That's the beauty of monthly giving - it takes some of the mystery out of what funds will be available to help run vital programs.

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Besides being a donor, how else are you involved?

One particularly nice project, and one that I hope grows, was having Rotman faculty knit hats and scarves for FYFB. One particularly skilled colleague even made mittens! I was impressed by how the even the faculty members who don't knit got involved by 'spring cleaning' their closets just before Christmas to donate beautiful children's clothing to FYFB's clothing program.

What attracted you to FYFB specifically?

To be honest, what got me interested in FYFB is Ravi. He's such a complex personality - he's so unassuming but so powerful. I really respect people who think before they speak and then let powerful actions speak for them.

What would you say to someone interested in donating to FYFB?

I'm taking that influence and encouraging other faculty members to get involved with FYFB. Just the other day, I was telling a faculty member in our accounting program about what a great case study FYFB would make for her students. It's a real world application that I think would really speak to aspiring accountants, it's like inspired accounting.

Anyone who wants to give to a wonderful organization that's really tied to the community and its needs should consider giving to FYFB.

Volunteer orientation sessions are held at 2:00pm on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Click here to register online or drop by the Food Bank for more information.

photography courtesy of Claire Del Net

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