Fort York Food Bank. Annual Open House. 21 November 2018.

Decade One

October 29 2008

What can you do in a decade?

How about serve 100,000 meals through our community kitchen? Or provide more than $3,000,000 of food. Or help more than 10,000 people through our counseling and advocacy services. FYFB continues to celebrate a decade of community building and helping people in need in downtown Toronto as we unveil our 10 year history. Take a look at the impact FYFB has had in our community over the past decade.

February 1998 Open at 60 Bathurst - founding Steering Committee members include Devi Arasanayagam, Jim Ward, Adam Cook and Clayton Mendoshkin.
September 1998 Receive Charitable Status
October 1998 Received first cash donation from Ms. Gillian Blessing
December 1998 Open our bank account and take over financial administration
May 1999 Incorporated as Fort York Food Bank, A Non-Profit Corporation
May 1999 Receive our first grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation
July 1999 Move to 510 King West
September 1999 Introduce Internet access for clients
November 1999 Release our first Audited Financial Statements
December 1999 CHUMCity Christmas Wish Foundation begins supporting us in delivering Christmas hampers to our clients
January 2000 FYFB volunteers have provided in excess of 10,000 voluntary service hours
February 2000 Membership definition introduced
April 2000 Launch our first on-line donation portal
June 2000 Move to 780 Dundas West
August 2000 Mr. Adam Cook is hired as our first employee and Jim Ward takes over as Steering Committee Chair
September 2000 Open on Fridays and extend boundaries
September 2000 FYFB distributes our 10,000th basket through the Food Program
November 2000 First external Board member, Ms. Rebecca Bassey, is recruited
January 2001 Margaret Cantwell begins volunteering with us
January 2001 Began our partnership with the Scadding Court Community Centre
May 2001 Counselling & Advocacy program formally launched with the support of the City of Toronto/SCPI funding
August 2001 FYFB assists our 25,000th client through the Food Program
September 2001 Community Vitality program formally launched with the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation
September 2001 Mike Schoonheyt, our current Program Coordinator, begins volunteering with us
October 2001 Open our Community Kitchen and began serving meals, led by Willy Rekunyk
December 2001 Extend hours to include Wednesdays
December 2001 FYFB volunteers have provided in excess of 25,000 voluntary service hours
June 2002 FYFB serves our 10,000th meal in our Community Kitchen
July 2002 Doug Anweiler begins to lead us through a comprehensive Strategic Planning process
July 2002 FYFB has distributed over $500 thousand of food to our clients.
September 2002 Violeta Mihaylova helps us take leadership over the Dundas Community Festival
November 2002 Lara Bazant helps us rebrand ourselves as 'FYFB, A multi-service agency' with a new logo and image
December 2002 Jennifer Mitchell organizes our first Open House
January 2003 FYFB distributes our 25,000th basket through the Food Program
March 2003 First version of is launched under the leadership of Yury Skanavy
May 2003 Aaron Coholan organizes our first year with a Community Garden
June 2003 We recruit our first placement student from Ryerson, Ms. Ruth Corrie
June 2003 FYFB assists our 50,000th client through the Food Program
December 2003 FYFB has distributed over $1 million of food to our clients
December 2003 FYFB volunteers have provided in excess of 50,000 voluntary service hours
January 2004 FYFB serves our 25,000th meal in the Community Kitchen
September 2004 Luke Pollard organizes our first year of participation in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon
May 2005 Move to 797 Dundas West
June 2005 Hold our first annual Strike out Hunger bowlathon under the leadership of Joyce Lee
July 2005 FYFB distributes our 50,000th basket through the Food Program.
August 2005 FYFB serves our 50,000th meal through the Community Kitchen
December 2005 FYFB has distributed over $2 million of food to our clients.
February 2006 FYFB assists our 100,000th client though the Food Program
March 2006 Laura Parker-Byl and Asher Lai lead us in conducting our first TTC Blitz fundraiser
April 2006 Computer resource centre re-launched under the leadership of Jon Alexander
June 2006 FYFB assists our 10,000th client with Advocacy & Counselling services
June 2006 Hire our first summer employee, Ms. Amina Muse
September 2006 Launch V2 of as well as our monthly e-newsletter, through the support of xGuru and Andrew Colebeck
September 2006 First year we participate in the Queen West Art Crawl under the leadership of Abigail Payne
November 2006 Begin project to increase Senior's participation in our programs.
August 2007 FYFB volunteers have provided over 100 thousand of voluntary service hours
September 2007 FYFB has distributed over $3 million of food to our clients
October 2007 We distribute our 75,000th basket through the Food Program
November 2007 We serve our 100,000th meal in the Community Kitchen
May 2008 FYFB assists our 150,000th client through the Food Program
June 2008 Erica Day-Tasevski completes and presents results from a comprehensive client survey

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About the Fort York Food Bank

FYFB is a multi-service agency focused on reconnecting people with our community. We do this by working with partners who share our vision to: feed the hungry by providing the basic nutritional requirements to individuals and families in need; and, help people get on track by providing counselling, training and advocacy to help people find jobs, safe housing and appropriate social/community programs.

FYFB was founded in February 1998 as an independent agency of the Daily Bread Food Bank Foundation of Toronto. FYFB is a registered charitable organization -- number 867147464 RR0001. FYFB is governed and managed by a voluntary Board of Directors who are elected by our membership at our AGM.

FYFB originally focused on providing emergency food supplies, but to meet the economic and social needs of the most vulnerable people within our community and resolve our clients' underlying issues, FYFB's programming has grown to an integrated set of services to prevent homelessness, eliminate hunger and provide a safe environment for connecting with our community. Please visit for more information.

Media Inquiries:

Jennifer Wasley

416 422 7189 or 416 804 3014 (mobile)


photography courtesy of Claire Del Net

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